Wouxun KG-905G Repeater-Capable GMRS Radio 5W

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FCC type accepted for GMRS! FCC ID: WVTWOUXUN18

Features. Performance. Power. The Wouxun KG-905G takes the best for the GMRS and puts it right in the palm of your hand! Designed with the serious prosumer in mind, the KG-905G lets you take advantage of all that the GMRS has to offer and more. And you get it all right out of the box!

The KG-905G transmits on the 15 high powered GMRS simplex channels, 8 low powered simplex channels and all 8 GMRS repeater channels at up to 5 watts of power, with no special programming needed. It supports up to 256 custom channels and 16 channel groups, with 157 standard and non-standard CTCSS tones and DCS codes to eliminate unwanted interference. Want split tones? you've got them! CTCSS/DCS tone scan? You've got that too. The KG-905G makes it easy to find and configure tones and codes to match existing radios in your group.

Sure, there are the standard features of GMRS handheld transceivers, such as channel scan, timeout timer, roger beep, button beeps and VOX, but that's just to be expected. Where The KG-905G really outclasses the competition is in its more advanced functionality.

Wouxun takes the KG-905G way beyond the bubble pack with features you won't find in typical consumer grade GMRS walkie talkies, such as Priority Channel Scan, Group Scan, Busy Channel Lockout, built-in voltage meter, selectable power, selectable wide and narrow bandwidth, English voice prompts, programmable function keys, and even a built-in stopwatch. The LCD text display is professional-grade too, with easy-to-read icons, customizable channel names, and a user-selectable Power On message.

But it isn't just functionality that sets the KG-905G apart from the rest of the pack. It's also durability. The KG 905G is rated IP66 for dust and water protection, which means it can take the harsh rigors of outdoor elements with ease! This transceiver has complete protection against contact with dust, and can take water projected from any direction in powerful jets from a 12.5mm nozzle. That's a fair amount of liquid force that few consumer grade radios can take. With that kind of protection from the elements, the KG-905G is ready for the outdoors.

Did we mention the KG-905G is also PC programmable? Well, it is! With an optional programming cable and the Wouxun programming software available in the Downloads tab above, you can customize it to fit your personal needs, to make it your very own.

Not to mention that the Wouxun KG-905G is FCC Part 95E type accepted for legal use on the GMRS, but we did anyway. Imagine, a portable handheld GMRS two way radio that's airworthy, customizable, ruggedly durable and FCC approved.

The GMRS was never like this!

The Wouxun KG-905G includes a 2600mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, belt clip, removable antenna, wrist strap, desktop charger, AC cord, owner's manual and a one year manufacturer warranty from Wouxun.

Customer Reviews

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Doesn’t float not waterproof enough

Unit doesn’t float, and isn’t waterproof to use for those who are boating.

There used to be easy to operate floating GMRS repeater capable handhelds out there, but seems they are few and beyond.

If your not going near the water, this is an awesome GMRS radio. If your going boating, find another radio.