Retevis RB75 Waterproof GMRS Repeater-Capable Radio 5W

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This radio is Part 95 certified by the FCC for operation on GMRS! The FCC ID is 2ASNSRT76.

1. Waterproof 

GMRS radio RB75 is designed to IP67 waterproof & dustproof standards, which makes it easy to carry in wet and dusty environments.

2. GMRS Repeater Channels

30 channels are available, with the first 22 being compatible with other FRS/GMRS radios and the last 8 channels are repeater channels.

3. Extended Battery

The RB75 has a rechargeable high-capacity Li-Ion battery pack (4500mAh), allowing for longer talk times and incredible standby times.

4. VOX

Voice-Operated Transmission (VOX) allows you to conveniently transmit without pushing the Push-to-Talk (PTT) button, great for working in an environment where your hands are occupied.

5. Programmable Side Buttons

The RB75 has two programmable side buttons for short or long-press functions. These are programmable with a PC.

6. TOT

The radio features a programmable Timeout Timer (TOT) feature to prevent accidental transmissions from going on for too long.

7. Enhanced Communication Range

The Retevis RB75 is a high-power 5W radio which will help extend your communications range further than typical FRS and GMRS radios sold in stores.

8. Scanning Mode

The RB75 features a channel scan feature so you can listen to activity on other channels.

This radio is programmed with free programming software, but the PC cable is sold separately. Out of the box, it follows the standard Retevis CTCSS/DCS tone assignments, but you'll need to use the programming software to change these tones since there is no display on this model.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kelly Regan

Never couldn't get it programed

Tim P.

The radio is super rugged and works perfectly on our farm where it gets all kind of "muck" on it and just keeps working

Doesn’t float, hard to tell what channel your on

Due to the fact of no display, you can’t tell what channel your on, in the dark/ at night. Unit does not float. So it’s waterproof, you still better not drop it in the water, it will sink.