Nagoya GPK-01 NMO Ground Plane Mount Kit

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Genuine Nagoya GPK-01 Ground Plane Mount

The GPK-01 is a Premium Ground Plane Kit for an easy solution to provide ground mount for a base or field mounted antenna. The GPK-01 pairs easily with NMO HF, VHF, and UHF antennas such as the dual-band NMO-72 or tri-band TB-320A.

The GPK-01 provides a proper ground plane for easy field or base antenna deployments. The GPK-01 mounts to a 2" Pole or Stake with the included hardware. 100 MPH (48 m/sec) wind load.

  • Base bracket
  • Mounting clamps
  • 4 Ground Radials (x2 Sections)
  • Mounting bracket

An antenna is not included.

Note: Requires Coaxial Cable to Radio (SO-239 Connector). To connect to radios such as the BTECH UV-50X2 or other BTECH mobile radios, 50-ohm low loss coax with PL-259 terminations on both ends allow for easy field or home deployment with your radio. Requires a Mast or Stake or Pole to mount to.


  • 20.5" Ground Plane Radials
  • Easy Installation on any 2" Pole or Pipe
  • 200W Power Rating
  • 100 MPH Wind Load
  • NMO Mount to SO-239 Connector

Customer Reviews

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Sgt Mike Pabon (mipa4595)

Thank you 💯💯


Great working plane mount for radio

donald boland (donal-bolan)
Crap. Real crap

Junk. Cheap crap. Nothing good about it. Rip off. Sorry situation. No good.

Jack Montgomery (oneus.imq4tqq)
as all ways Good Stuff!

As always Good Stuff!

Colby Mitchell (headlesshorseman1969)
Great Nmo ground plane.

This made my mobile radio into a great little base station antenna. You have to be careful when tightening your Nmo antenna to the ground plane because the little tabs that hold the extensions to the ground plane will snap off if you put any pressure against them. I had to order another one and was very careful this time. Almost made my mobile better than my Hustler base antenna. they are almost identical in sound now where before my mobile would be scratchy. Very impressed with it.