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  • GMRS 5W Handheld 2-Way Radio – The GMRS-PRO is feature-packed with Bluetooth, GPS, an on-board compass, and more. It also includes a NOAA receiver and FM radio. The radio can easily scan and check for activity. The GMRS-PRO offers a fully IP67 waterproof design for full protection from any elements.
  • App Customizable – Using the GMRS Programmer App, you can easily customize all aspects of your radio. You can download offline maps for your next adventure, share your location with other users, and text within the app. The GMRS-PRO is also firmware upgradeable using the free app.
  • Feature Packed – Bluetooth, App programmable, On-board GPS, FM Radio, NOAA Radio, Transmit Time-Out, Busy Channel Lockout, SMS Messaging, 6 Channel Banks, Dual Watch, Adjustable Squelch, Location Request, Compass, and More

  • Kit Includes: GMRS-PRO Radio, 2600mAh Battery, Belt Clip, Type C USB Charging Cable, Screws and Screwdriver, User Manual
  • BTECH is proud to be in the USA, which allows you to have the best available local support for any issue that may arise. BTECH only engineers and develops radio products. This brand focus allows you to have the best available radios and accessories with the most features, with real USA warranty and support.

GMRS-PRO 5W GMRS Two-Way Radio

The GMRS-PRO is a premium GMRS radio, designed for those that need to get the most from their GMRS radio. The GMRS-PRO is backward compatible with all other GMRS and FRS radios.

If two or more users have a GMRS-PRO radio, several new options beyond just push-to-talk can be used. GMRS-PRO users can communicate with text messages, send GPS locations, request GPS locations, use SOS alerts, and more.

Dual Watch, NOAA & FM Radio, and Programmable Side Keys

The GMRS-PRO has one built-in receiver that can simultaneously monitor two channels. The GMRS-PRO has programmable side keys that can be customized to several features, including having Dual PTT enabled.

The GMRS-PRO includes a NOAA Receiver with NOAA alerts and an FM radio.


IP67 Submersible GMRS Radio

The GMRS-PRO is IP67 waterproof. The high-grade IP67 waterproof case is designed for serious rugged outdoor use. The GMRS-PRO will continue to allow you to communicate in the harshest environments. IP67 allows the radio to be submersed in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Bluetooth App Programmable

Download the BTECH GMRS Programmer App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to customize your BTECH GMRS-PRO radio easily. The application is not required, and all radio features can be used without the app. The BTECH GMRS Programmer makes advanced features a breeze to use.

Six Channel Banks

The GMRS-PRO has six channel banks that can each store 30 channels. The channels in each bank can be customized with any mix of GMRS and scanner channels. Channel banks can be cloned and easily shared through the BTECH GMRS Programmer app.

Text and Location Sharing*

The GMRS-PRO can send short data bursts to other GMRS-PRO users. Send short messages without using data on your phone. Texts are sent for free over GMRS channels. Users can also opt-in to sharing their location with other GMRS-PRO users, location sharing can automatically be requested if the users enable it.

*Data Use is Limited to GMRS Simplex (Radio to Radio) Channels and does not Support Data over GMRS Repeaters

**During critical times, voice transmissions will transmit further than data transmissions.

Offline Maps and Location History

With the BTECH GMRS Programmer App, you can download your trail maps ahead of time. Offline maps are a necessity when you might be out of range of cellular service. If enabled, you can track your location history to ensure you can always find your way back home.

Onboard Compass

The GMRS-PRO includes a built-in gyroscope and compass. With these onboard tools, you can use the GMRS-PRO to see what direction you are going, what your current elevation is, and how fast you are currently moving. You can display your longitude and latitude position from on-board radio menus.

Easy Channel Modifications & Firmware Upgradeable

The GMRS-PRO is firmware upgradeable from the GMRS Programmer App.

The GMRS-PRO has over 390+ CTCSS/DCS Privacy tones making it compatible with any FRS or GMRS radio. The GMRS-PRO also supports split tones for GMRS repeaters. You can quickly add or remove a channel from your scan list.

The GMRS Programmer App allows real-time radio control over the GMRS-PRO radio. Channel modifications and changes are instantly applied.


Technical Specifications

Frequency Range GMRS 462.5500 ~ 467.7250 MHz (Rx & Tx) / UHF & VHF (Scanning & Receiver) / FM Radio
Memory Channel 6 Channel Banks, 30 Channels Each. 180 Total Channels: Programmable with GMRS, NOAA, or VHF/UHF Scanner Channels
Output Power 5W/.5W
Privacy Tones (PL/DPL) All CTCSS and DCS tones are supported.
Accessory Jack M1 2-Pin Jack
Additional Features Single/Dual PTT Toggle Modes, Nuisance Channel Scan Skip, SOS Alarm, NOAA Weather Channels, Transmit Time-Out, Busy Channel Lockout, DTMF Keypad, Adjustable Scanning Modes, Dual Watch, Adjustable Squelch
Weatherproof Rating IP67 Waterproof



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael Mcshay
My best one yet and I have about 4 of them.

Radio works as described the app is awesome. Very easy to use.

Robert Galey
Ham radio could learn a few things

This GMRS is so good with so many features, I bought two of them. From charging ease to compass and GPS functions, ham radio HT’s could learn a few things. You will not go wrong with this top of the line GMRS RADIO.

Mark Gabryjelski
My favorite handheld!

It is worth the higher price…my opinion.
Once you try to program it, you will probably agree.
The app makes working with this a non-issue for the “complicated” stuff.
You can still work everything from the handheld without issue, though some stuff takes a bit longer that way.

Israel Angeles Diaz (israngel_0)
Good quality 💯

The best radio on the market

Jeffrey Victor
BTech Pro GMRS

Great radio, easily programmed, many options. My only con is that the compass is not calibrated and proves very difficult to calibrate correctly.