Antena base de fibra de vidrio UHF Tram 1486

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El Tram 1486 es una antena base de fibra de vidrio UHF de alto rendimiento con una potencia nominal de 200 vatios. Esta antena de sección única mide 5'3 "de alto y está clasificada para vientos máximos de 135 mph. ¡Excelente para uso GMRS, Amateur o Comercial!

  • Antena base de fibra de vidrio UHF
  • 5'3 "(1.6m) de alto
  • Sección individual
  • 5/8 onda 3 elementos
  • Longitud radial de 7 "(19.5 cm)
  • 406-512MHz
  • Ancho de banda de 10MHz
  • Ganancia de 6.5 dBd
  • El radiador y la bobina están sellados herméticamente en tubos de fibra de vidrio para una baja ROE en cualquier clima
  • La construcción de tierra DC permite la disipación estática para una baja relación de ruido y la máxima protección contra rayos
  • El diámetro del mástil aceptado es de 1 3/16 "a 2 7/16" (30-62 mm)
  • Conector UHF (SO-239)
  • Potencia máxima 200 vatios
  • 50 ohmios
  • Viento máximo 135 mph (60 m / seg)
  • Incluye tabla de corte

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Simpson
Great antenna performance, Durability concerns.

I have had this antenna for a little over 3 months and have it on a telescoping pole about 30 ft in the air. I am able to hit repeaters as far as 40 miles away with ease. I would give this 5 stars but since I havent had it very long I am a little concerned how it will hold up long term. My Ultimate goal will be to build a repeater using two antennas approximately 100 ft apart with two Identical antennas, with the transmission antenna about 100 ft up my ham radio tower. I will review the entire setup when it is completed.

Revetis. 97s

This repeater is awesome . i had a bit of a hard time programing it because I am so new at this .but with help from my radio club and I now have it working very well I first contract was 38 miles away .i some how got a short in my power cord . i e mailed them to see were I could purchase a new one .with in 24 hours I got a very nice return email .they sent me a replacement part I needed .i am very pleased with it and the great service I got .
As always tim

Tram 1486

Hello this is a excellent antenna the higher you can get it up in the air the better it picks up also the cutting chart is dead on point I cut mine at 465MHZ (L1) 16 13/16 (L2) 12 5/8 (L3) 14 5/16 & my SWR is a perfect 1.00 I would recommend this antenna to anyone once it's tuned it's perfect. WRPZ907 Out Of South Carolina.

Marcial Evertsen
Good antenna

Received this as a gift. Set it up for a repeater antenna. I cut it just a bit long to 458 MHz. After setting it up, I was making good contacts, with better reported performance than my previous slim jim.