Móvil GMRS resistente con capacidad de repetidor GMR45 de 45 W

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Vaya más allá con nuestra radio móvil GMR45 de 45 vatios líder en la industria. Más potencia equivale a más potencia y alcance, lo que le brinda la capacidad de transmitir largas distancias cuando importa.

Cargado con canales y funciones, el GMR45 es ideal para instalarlo en su vehículo o configurarlo en el campamento base. 


Esta radio funciona con todas las radios GMRS/FRS que funcionan en las mismas frecuencias, incluidas, entre otras, GMR45, GMR25, GMR2 y más.

Esta radio admite los 8 canales repetidores GMRS.

Dimensiones de la radio: 5,5" de ancho x 7" de profundidad x 1,5" de alto


  • Radio de alta potencia de 45 vatios
  • Compatible con walkie-talkie para máxima versatilidad
  • Solución perfecta para campamentos base.
  • Micrófono de mano con Scosche Magic Mount


  • Potente radio móvil GMR45
  • Micrófono de mano con Scosche Magic Mount
  • Soporte magnético para micrófono de mano Scosche
  • Soporte de montaje universal y hardware
  • Cable de alimentación con fusible

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Withheld (mawith-73)
Super-Solid Radio, Great Value. Quick-Start Guide has Typos though

Super-Solid radio, the mount & wiring are robust and top-notch, too. To my astonishment, my prior Midland radio used the same standard mount, while the (straight to the battery) wiring was plug & play with the unit as well! Incoming, distant signals come in clearly, with better audio than would be expected for the internal speaker size. Outgoing transmissions are clear as a bell on the receiving end, even at Low-Power & 10 Miles away. The mic however, is much lighter than I would prefer, so much so that I might open it up to put a bit of lead shot & epoxy inside, if it won't hurt anything. I like my microphones to stay in my hand. The Quick-Start Guide is wrong on how to enter SCAN Mode. P5 is the button to push, not P1. Once that was figured out, scratched out & committed to my own memory, I found it to be a well-made unit, that I expect to use for many, many years to come. The Auxiliary headgear hookup wasn't a selling point for me, but it does have some cool capabilities I hadn't known existed.

Bruno Garcia
Works Fantastic an easy to use.

I love this radio, the performance and range its better than I spect. I have this GMR45 and GMR2.

How to switch to wide band?

The radio came set on narrow band. The manual doesn't tell how to change it to wide band. I've been trying for hours and have been unable to figure it out. 🤔

Hi Larry, we reached out to Rugged Radios and they said the radio may need updated firmware to be switched between narrowband and wideband mode, depending on when the radio was sold. The firmware update is free of charge, but they have to perform the update at their shop. The RT Systems programming software will allow changing of the bandwidth: https://www.rtsystemsinc.com/GMR45_c_2150.html

You can reach out to Rugged Radios and they will assist you with changing the mode.