BTECH RPS-30PRO Regulated AC-DC Power Converter

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13.8V Regulated AC to DC Power Supply

The BTECH RPS-30PRO Regulated Power Supply allows for simple and reliable AC-to-DC power conversion with a constant DC voltage source. An ideal power source for CB, Ham, GMRS, and LMR Two way radios, Scanners, and all 13.8V equipment.

Quick DC Connections

The RPS-30PRO features a cigarette plug, universal hardwired screw-type post connection terminals, and snap-in terminals that ensure quick compatibility with all DC-powered devices.

Safety Protected & RF Immune

The RPS-30PRO has advanced safety protection, including overheat, short, and amperage surge protection.

The power supply is designed to be immune from radio frequency interference at close range.


Easily Connect your Favorite DC Equipment at Home

Screw Terminals & Cigarette Connector

LCD Display with Voltage and Noise Adjustment

The RPS-30PRO is the easiest way to connect high-amperage DC equipment at home. The RPS-30PRO has a peak 30 amp output (with a 25 amp constant output).

Easily power your high-powered equipment such as amateur, ham, and CB two-way radios.

 The RPS-30PRO will allow you to connect any DC-powered device quickly. Any device with a cigarette power cable can quickly plug into the front of the power supply. If your device has battery lead terminals or direct wires, they can be quickly connected to the screw post terminals on the backside of the RPS-30PRO. The post terminals also adapt to 12V banana plugs.

The RPS-30PRO uses and easy to read LCD, to display the real-time voltage setting and amperage use.

The RPS-30PRO is designed to be immune from radio frequency interference. It is designed to eliminate any RF noise, but if noise does occur you can adjust it using the noise offset knob.

The RPS-30PRO has a toggle between 13.8V and adjustable voltage for when you need higher or lower DC output for your home lab


Technical Specifications

 Input Voltage  110V/60Hz AC
 Output Voltage  Fixed 13.8V DC (+/- .5V), Adjustable 9-15V
 Dual Power Output  Cigarette Port, Snap-in, & Post Screw Terminals (Banana Plug)
 Output Voltage Regulation  Less than 2%
 Output Current  30A (Peak), 25A (Continuous)
 Ripple & Noise  Less than 80MVP-P
 Fuse  110V 8A
 Dimensions  9″ x 8″ x 3″
 Weight  5 lbs

Customer Reviews

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David McClure
RPS 30 PRO Power Converter.

Wow! No noise. The large heat sink keeps the unit very cool. I had it on for about five hours and it never got hot enough to require the fan (I was monitoring, not transmitting). Seems well built. Very happy with it.

Great Converter

Works well with my 50 watt GMRS radio, to create my base station at home. Good price, works well, delivered quickly, so I'm a happy and satisfied customer.

Mark Gabryjelski
Love mine….

At home for base, in the car with a Goal Zero to deliver AC power.
Switching vs Linear? …I’ll let others argue.
It is silent 99.9% of the time, though I do not run it 24x7