Nagoya GPK-01 NMO Ground Plane Mount Kit

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Genuine Nagoya GPK-01 Ground Plane Mount

The GPK-01 is a Premium Ground Plane Kit for an easy solution to provide ground mount for a base or field mounted antenna. The GPK-01 pairs easily with NMO HF, VHF, and UHF antennas such as the dual-band NMO-72 or tri-band TB-320A.

The GPK-01 provides a proper ground plane for easy field or base antenna deployments. The GPK-01 mounts to a 2" Pole or Stake with the included hardware. 100 MPH (48 m/sec) wind load.

  • Base bracket
  • Mounting clamps
  • 4 Ground Radials (x2 Sections)
  • Mounting bracket

An antenna is not included.

Note: Requires Coaxial Cable to Radio (SO-239 Connector). To connect to radios such as the BTECH UV-50X2 or other BTECH mobile radios, 50-ohm low loss coax with PL-259 terminations on both ends allow for easy field or home deployment with your radio. Requires a Mast or Stake or Pole to mount to.


  • 20.5" Ground Plane Radials
  • Easy Installation on any 2" Pole or Pipe
  • 200W Power Rating
  • 100 MPH Wind Load
  • NMO Mount to SO-239 Connector